Use Digital Reading to Hone Your Skills and Find a Job

In a surprising finding, it has been revealed that close to a fifth of students are unemployed six months after they graduate from universities in Britain. This is a remarkably worrying situation, considering most of the students in question spent three years at school and took out loans to pay their tuition.

The rate of unemployment is different for various universities, showing that where you go to school matters more than people would think. For example, London South Bank University has an unemployment rate of 22.6% for students six months after they graduated. This figure is considerably lower for institutions such as Oxford, Cambridge, LSE and UCL.


Studies have shown that individuals with eReaders, or those who read eBooks on their computer, will read more than those who stick to traditional paperback books. With online libraries now on par with or surpassing the levels of traditional libraries, using the internet as a resource is of paramount importance. Instead of looking around a local bookstore for the textbook you need, simply find the appropriate eBook on the internet and begin reading.

While creating your resume and applying to jobs, it is important to use the internet as a reference point. Instead of filling out applications by hand, everything can now be done online. You can also read job applications, online courses and other training manuals on your computer. Not only does this enable you to gain a great deal of knowledge, but it allows you to do so at a speed that you are comfortable with.

Take time to reevaluate yourself in terms of the skills that you possess and the jobs that you are right for. Participate in online studies, online IQ tests and quizzes that give you an idea about your general knowledge. Download books or IQ tests onto your eReader or computer that are relevant to your field of choice.

With digital reading you can store thirty, forty, or fifty books onto your hard drive without giving it an extra thought. Imagine having to keep track of that many hardcover books! Digital reading is the best way to ensure that you are well educated, prepared, and confident when going into the job interviews that could determine your short and long term future.


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