Take Notes in the Margin of an E-Book with OpenMargin.com

ebookToday’s kids probably don’t remember a time when a book served not only as a great educational resource, but as a place to highlight, take notes, and remember to come back later for additional insight. It’s a practice that has largely faded away as electronic books have taken over many pursuits, and CD-ROM-based instruction routines replace textbook instruction and traditional classroom environments. Many others, though, long for the days when reading a book involved taking a few notes along the side. That’s where OpenMargin.com comes in.

Opening Up the Margins: It’s Time to Take Notes!
The main downfall of today’s e-book solutions is that they don’t offer any kind of user manipulation beyond turning the page or starting over from the beginning. That’s what Open Margin is looking to change with its innovative product. Developers at the company have worked to make their solution cross-platform compatible so that Kindle readers, or those with a Nook, iPad, Galaxy Tab, and more, can all take notes while reading.

Essentially, the service relies on touch-based input and touch-typed notes to supplement reading material with bookmarks, highlights, and notes in the margin that might merit further discussion. Especially for academic or group reading pursuits, this practice is indispensable. That’s especially true because any notes taken during reading can be shared with users around the world, making the practice more social than ever.

Blurring the Lines Between Traditional and Digital Reading
Open Margin’s goal seems to be a return to more traditional reading styles, helping to turn digital books into something very similar to their clunky paper counterparts. That’s a noble pursuit and it’s one worth watching as the company gains further traction in the marketplace for new ideas.

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