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Use Digital Reading to Hone Your Skills and Find a Job

In a surprising finding, it has been revealed that close to a fifth of students are unemployed six months after they graduate from universities in Britain. This is a remarkably worrying situation, considering most of the students in question spent three years at school and took out loans to pay their tuition. The rate of […]

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Take Notes in the Margin of an E-Book with OpenMargin.com

Today’s kids probably don’t remember a time when a book served not only as a great educational resource, but as a place to highlight, take notes, and remember to come back later for additional insight. It’s a practice that has largely faded away as electronic books have taken over many pursuits, and CD-ROM-based instruction routines […]

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Independent Authors Flock to Scribd Content Sharing Service

Many of today’s most popular digital reading solutions focus on major publishers and accomplished authors who already have a very established audience waiting for their next novel or short work of fiction. While that’s important, of course, it’s not the only game in town when it comes to digital reading. The Internet allows for more […]

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