Independent Authors Flock to Scribd Content Sharing Service

ereadingMany of today’s most popular digital reading solutions focus on major publishers and accomplished authors who already have a very established audience waiting for their next novel or short work of fiction. While that’s important, of course, it’s not the only game in town when it comes to digital reading. The Internet allows for more self-publishing than ever before, and Scribd is a key part that action.

Document Sharing for the Digital Reading Age
The goal of Scribd is to give independent authors a way to compete with more established names when it comes to offering their writings on major e-readers. To that end, the company allows for documents to be uploaded, shared, and also protected by its own unique digital rights management solution. Known as iPaper, this format helps independent writers maximize their own revenue potential by ensuring that would-be readers must pay for the document before being able to read it.

This is a better approach than independent online storefronts because it gives writers a way to drive higher revenue levels while gaining mainstream recognition. The cross-platform nature of Scribd is another key asset for writers, ensuring that their work can be viewed across traditional e-readers, today’s hottest tablets, and the many smartphones that have come to dominate daily communication.

A Bright Future for Independent Writers
With digital rights management and collaborative document sharing, Scribd is rapidly becoming the top choice for driven, independent authors. The company has grown dynamically in recent years and looks poised to continue that trend well into the future.

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